Founded in 2015, the FOXTAIL STOMPERS is a performance group whose goal is to promote and share Lindy Hop in the down town area of Tampere, Finland. We operate under the local rock and swing association, Swing Team Ry.

The name, FOXTAIL STOMPERS, evokes the Finnish folklore regarding the Northern Lights. Finnish ancestors believed that foxes were responsible for the appearance of the northern lights, whenever their tail’s movement threw snow into the air. At the same time, the whimsical movement of the northern lights in the night sky relates to the dance and all the creativity process behind it.

As FOXTAIL STOMPERS we want to build and learn new choreographies to share with the local and international communities of dancers. We want to achieve this by strengthening the local community of dancers and engage them to take part in this process.

How do I sign up?

We welcome everyone that is willing to commit to train, build and learn new choreographies. Besides that, you should have at least one year of Lindy Hop in your shoes. If you are ready to commit to trainings, write a short introduction about yourself and send it over to foxtailstompers@swingteam.fi. We are looking to learn more about how you found Lindy, what is means for you and why you want to join the Foxtail Stompers.

Our logo was created and designed by Sofia Brajal. Go and check her work at behance.net/sfiabrajal